SEED4IE (Sexuality Education for Intecultural Encounters)

Project Description:

SEED4IE(Sexuality Education for Intecultural Encounters) project Number:

The overall aim of the project is to ensure access to high quality and comprehensive sex education for adult migrants and refugees within the European continent in order to empower this population to enjoy their fundamental rights of safety, sex and gender identity and expression as well as better integrate in the EU. This will be achieved through the creation of educational materials and training for, mainly, adult trainers and sports instructors who work closely with migrants and refugees.


Target Group:

Direct Target groups

  • Adult refugees/migrants’ educators/trainers
  • Training centers
  • First line volunteers
  • NGO staff
  • Policy makers and stakeholders in the field of education and migration policy

Indirect Target Groups

  • Adult refugees and migrants, their families and the community in which they reside at large

Coordinator and Applicant:

  • SolidarityNow (SN) - Greece


  • Labstem - Greece
  • Krakowskie Centrum Zarządzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o. (KCZIA) - Poland
  • University of Jyväskylä (JYU) - Finland
  • Education In Progress - Italy


Final Results:

  1. Creation of a set of training materials:
  • Training Handbook
  • Training Manual
  • MOOC Sessions (Massive Open Online Course)
  • Experiential Workshops

These training materials are specifically designed for the Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) of refugees/migrants. They aim to:

  • Empower adult trainers in implementing CSE programs.
  • Inform policy makers on the principles of sex rights and safe expression of gender identity on a policy/institutional level.
  • Equip sports instructors with the knowledge and tools for creating safe sport spaces.


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