Inclusive and sustainable growth for adults through Outdoor Experiential Learning

Project number: 2021-1-RO01-KA210-ADU-000034959


The project aims to equip 80 adults in 8 small cities and suburbs in Romania and Italy with the knowledge and skills necessary to become catalysts for change in their communities regarding sustainable practices and environmental protection. It plans to create 8 non-formal learning opportunities using outdoor experiential learning tailored for potentially vulnerable learners, considering their unique educational needs, and to instill in adults a sense of responsibility for environmental stewardship. The project also seeks to promote a healthy and active lifestyle across all age groups and foster a socially inclusive learning environment where learners of diverse backgrounds can come together. Furthermore, it aims to enhance the competencies of partner organizations in utilizing Outdoor Experiential Learning and increase their capacity for cooperation in future projects. 

Additionally, the project intends to develop a set of best practices that can be implemented at European, national, and regional levels to showcase the benefits of adult education through Outdoor Experiential Learning and its role in addressing low adult training participation. These objectives directly align with priorities such as creating high-quality educational opportunities for adults, establishing upskilling pathways, cultivating environmentally conscious citizens, developing green skills, and contributing to the development of disadvantaged urban areas through the skill enhancement of the local population.

Target Group:

  • Primary Target Groups:
    • Adults belonging to low socio-economic households
    • Adults of minority and migrant origin such as Roma, foreigners, and refugees
    • Adults in age groups at risk of social exclusion, particularly those aged 50+
    • Adults with low qualifications, unemployed, or professionally inactive
    • Adults with addictions
  • Secondary Target Groups:
    • Teachers, educators, instructors working with adults, especially those from disadvantaged groups

Coordinator and Applicant:

  • Asociatia Lucratorilor de Tineret - ALT 357 - Romania


  • In Progress - Italy

Final Results:

  • Empowered 80 adults in 8 small cities and suburbs in Romania with the knowledge and skills necessary to act as agents of change in promoting sustainable practices and environmental protection within their communities.
  • Enhanced competencies of partner organizations in utilizing outdoor experiential education approaches, improving their effectiveness in implementing such methods in their work.
  • Strengthened capacity for collaboration among partner organizations, leading to increased effectiveness in working together on future projects related to environmental education and sustainability.
  • Development of a comprehensive set of best practices derived from project experiences, serving as a valuable resource for engaging with adult learners and promoting sustainable initiatives in diverse community settings.


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