Project Description:

Projects related to Accreditation KA120 - Adult Education accreditation code 2021-1-IT02-KA120-ADU-000045233. The projects aim to enhance the inclusion of migrants by improving the effectiveness of the reception phase through the deployment of linguistically competent teachers and by integrating newcomer participants into Erasmus+ projects. Additionally, the projects seek to elevate the digital skills of teachers, staff, and students to foster more innovative and advanced teaching methodologies. Furthermore, they aim to raise awareness among teachers, students, volunteers, and staff about the importance of reducing resource wastage and promoting recycling practices.


Target Group:

  • Refugees, migrants, immigrants, and asylum seekers (16>55 years);
  • Prisoners (18>60 years);
  • Adults in situations of economic and/or social fragility (18>60 years);
  • Italian and foreign women working in contexts (18>60 years);
  • Adults and NEETs interested in the processes of inclusion and environmental protection (18>80 years);
  • Volunteers (18>45 years);
  • CPIA teachers (35>60 years);
  • Adult students with great difficulties in social integration in the territory, both psychological, since they have a background of problematic past, come from difficult countries;
  • Volunteers and university students with few financial possibilities who turn to us to improve their paths of training or get closer and closer to European orientation activities.



  • Centro Provinciale per l'istruzione degli adulti CPIA 1 FOGGIA
  • C.P.I.A. "GIUSEPPE FOTI" interprovinciale Viterbo
  • EUSA APS Italy
  • Centro Provinciale di Istruzione per gli Adulti Napoli Città 2
  • innovAzioni sociali
  • CPIA NAPOLI PROVINCIA 1 presso Torrente Casavatore


Coordinator: Education in Progress


1st result of our consortium is the improvement of language skills through two courses:

  • English language course in Ireland (2 teachers per institution with A2 levels of foreign language).
  • French language course in Bordeaux.

1)   English course at “Galway Cultural Institute” in Ireland - from 14 August to 25 August 2023

2)   France Course at Alliance Française Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine - from 17 to 27 July 2023.

result of the consortium is the improvement of digital competencies through:

  • Course for the acquisition of digital skills in Malta

3)   Course for the acquisition of digital skills in Malta “Make technology your friend - Tools Focused” - from 10 to 19 May 2023, at St Julians, Malta by Edu2grow Association, Portugal.

results of the consortium is the improvement of green competencies increasing the awareness of teachers/students/volunteers/staff in limiting waste of resources and towards recycling practices through:

  • Job shadowing + Individual mobility for adult learners

4)   Job shadowing + Individual mobility for adult learners in Xylokastro , Greece, at the non-profit environmental association Eupaideia - Greece, from 5 to 9 june 2023.


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