What is Job-Shadowing?

Job Shadowing is one of the many opportunities provided by Erasmus+ for the training abroad of teachers, teachers, trainers, and professionals. The Job Shadowing activities for the Life Long Learning of teachers are part of this context and represent a valid updating opportunity requested by today's society. We must not forget that the education sector is the scene of continuous and sudden changes and requires increasingly attentive teachers who can adapt to the challenges that arise daily.
Thanks to Erasmus, teachers can take advantage of mobility opportunities in Europe for their professional development, but also intended as an experience useful for personal growth.

Experiencing a Job-Shadowing in a school is always possible, but the added value of our offer is that we can also organize the activities for teachers in several economic sectors. That means that our participants, who teach specific subjects, can experience their mobility in a company and working to update their knowledge and skills in line with the real labour market trends and needs. That empowers the teaching methods once back at school.


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