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Stefania Calascione

Last Summer I participated for the first time in an Erasmus+ project. This 2-weeks experience was the perfect time to fully learn the Spanish language and culture in the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca.
Education InProgress together with ELE USAL Mallorca, the official Spanish school of the UniVersity of Salamanca and Cervantes Accreditated Centre, organized a very interesting Spanish course for specific purposes.
For thos like me, who started from a A1 level, the Spanish learning was a unique and exciting experience thanks to the harmony in the group of learners and the high-level preparation of the teachers, who were able to carry out very interesting lessons, making us very active through a student-centred learning approach and practical activities.
This first Erasmus experience has certainly implemented my language skills, buut first of all it brought me a "positive energy" and the motivation to continue to train me, because a good teachers never stops learning!!!


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