SHARE the Badge is a follow-up on the Strategic Partnership 'Shared Responsibility'. The aim of this new project is to make it very accessible for different kind of organizations, especially the ones working with migrants. Participanting organizations will become able to connect badges with the learning pathways of the migrants' and NEETs' target-group, upskilling their learning.

What is Badge?
A Badge is a validated display of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in any learning environment. It makes any finalized learning process, and the realted acquired competences, as easily recognizable and that increases employment-opportunities on the labour market.

The Badge method, then is execially addressed to the most vulnerable groups that has no school or academic certificates, to show what's their level of prefessionalism. One of the most vulnerable group are migrants and NEETs. Therefore, we can assure that the main aim of the project is to narrow the gap between vulnerable groups of people in our society and the labour market in order to make these persons to active participants in our society.

In this project the partners come from 7 different countries (Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria).
The transnational character of the project creates a common language in recognizing skills and competences gained by any kind of learning at European level.


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