Primo Passo nel Digitale

Primo Passo Nel Digitale” (English name “1st Step In The Digital World”), number ID 2021-1-IT03-KA210-YOU-000033940, is a project funded by the Erasmus Plus - Youth Sector programme which has as its general objective the improvement of two of the key competences defined by the EU in the Council Recommendation: Competence Mathematics and digital competence.

Specifically, with this project we aim to create an inclusive path aimed at inserting for the first time groups of marginalized young people in the European DIGITAL SKILLS FRAMEWORK 2.0, ensuring that this framework helps their inclusion in society and in the world of work.

Target Group:

The project aims to train 40 young people (20 in Spain and 20 in Italy) aged between 18 and 30 with the following characteristics:

  1. Young people with a migratory background;
  2. Ragazzi ROM;
  3. NEET;
  4. Kids without a computer or internet at home;
  5. Boys living in overcrowded houses or with structural problems, and low brightness.

Project Partners:

Education In Progress - Italy - Coordinator

Education In Progress is a non-profit organization that operates in the areas of social commitment, European projects- designing, and training Migrants and NEETs of South Italy. Education In Progress members invest their intellectual and creative force in their territory, South Italy, but at the same time throughout Europe. The main goal is to support local development to raise local standards to European levels with a main focus on sustainability, the agenda 2030 and its SDG8 is about decent work and SDG 10 reducing inequalities. In Progress is well rooted in its area. It features local, regional and national broad- partnerships with public and private entities.



Facebook: InProgressEduIta

AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta - Spain - Partner

It’s a non-formal education organisation providing learning opportunities to young people in the area (Alicante - Agres and so on). They started

their activities in 2005 as a result of a Youth in Action initiative of a Scout group. Since 2017 They have been cooperating with different organizations in the field of diversity and disability. The staff of Amics are an expert in the gamification of NFC activities. They are directly linked with associations dealing with ROM youngsters and work with them to include young ROM in society.




Project Result

Tangible Results:

4 board games aimed at training young people not digitized on the following themes:

  1. My Perfect Day: Creating a basic writing sheet (e.g. Word, libre office, open office);
  2. My monthly balance (Money-Poly): Creation of a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or spreadsheet), to use formulas and control;
  3. Digital security (“Game Goose): browser security settings, e.g. Google Chrome or Brave etc...), search engine usage and management of personal data;
  4. Knowledge of the hardware elements of digital devices (e.g. ram, processor, etc...).

Intangible results:

  1. Enabling organizations to work at the level of EU/international with greater professionalism by fostering the emergence of new partnerships through the use of good practices and innovative methods in digital capabilities;
  2. To increase basic mathematical and digital skills of young migrants and ROM.


1. “My Perfect Day”

The game "My Ideal Day" aims to teach kids which writing character is best suited to the occasion for which they are writing (formal, informal and so on). With this first step towards digital writing, we try to give a logical basis to a writing program like the Word sheet that otherwise may seem unimportant.

Players, supported by the Trainer and following the theory contained in these instructions, will play by filling in the word card and marking the right answers!

For more details download the instruction manual available in English and Italian.

2. “Money-Poly”

Controlling one's budget is not easy, but these digital spreadsheet tools can help and we will learn how to use them in an easy and fun way.

Players, with the help of the Trainer, will play 4 rounds of this game where a simulation of a real week will take place, with incomes and expenses that needto be controlled and registered in a specific notebook.

For more details download the instruction manual available in English and Italian.

3. “Game Goose”

IT risks and challenges are big and this game aims at providing knowledge about the risks and healthy and safety behaviours in an easy and fun way.

Players, with the help of the Trainer, have to follow the route of the board by rolling the dice and when they reach a special tile, the debate starts.

For more details download the instruction manual available in English and Italian.

4. “Understanding Computer hardware"

The 'Understanding Computer hardware' game aims to help children learn about the most important PC components, their functions and how they are assembled, in an easy and fun way.

Players, with the help of the Trainer, have to build a real case step by step that will contain all the main components of the PC:

  • Processor;
  • Ram;
  • Motherboard;
  • Video card;
  • Power supply unit;
  • Case;
  • Solid state drive;
  • Heat sink CPU.

To view all the games, download them and use them immediately with your pupils / students, visit our official Landing Page of the project:


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