Marketing for Artists

Marketing for Artists

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Marketing tools are not comprised in the current Arts curriculum, both at VET and HEI level, but which are totally needed to create from their artistic production, not only a social and cultural value, but also an economic result. 

Target: Art Teachers, Professors and Trainers, Cultural Agencies and Artists

General Objectives:

Nowadays, Marketing is the most important tool to reach a wider-audience and potential clients, but it is not usual to find proper techniques in the artistic educational pathways and curricula at any level (nor at the VET study cycle, neither at the University). This Training Course is addressed to Art teachers, and  Artists themselves, in order to provide them the knowledge and capability to use the most common Marketing tools in the right way.
Another relevant need of this target is the capability to express the value of their artistic creations to their audience, that why the learning process of the course will also provide skills&tools for a better expressions through the medias.
The learners will become able to promote the artistic expression through the media and the new technologies and it will help to define their artistic expression with a more effective impact on their audience, because of a learning process address to stimulate a deeper self-awareness of their own creative ideas and active role in the society. Communicating better  will allow them to become able to “sell” themselves and their masterpieces in a more effective way.


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