I like it! – The importance of Social Media.

I like it! – The importance of Social Media.

It’s not a secret that running a business these days is closely related to promotion. Otherwise, how would we know about huge global concerns and famous brands if we haven’t heard about them loud enough? Every company, every product and every action requires publicity, and along with it a creative approach expressed in an interesting message.

Obviously, lots of challenges come up with this matter. To keep up with it, it is not an easy task: it’s important to follow technological innovations and train in the area of appropriate content creation.

Education in Progress SPAIN recognizes this significant matter, and what is even more important, turns it into an appealing opportunity for new trainees. Especially for those who decide to do their traineeships for a short time. Yes, even a short traineeship can be a success!Although they may not be specialists in this field yet, they can offer a fresh perspective on the topic and numerous ideas on how to deal with it. Because they probably already know something about how social media works. If not, practical assignments scheduled in-details by Education in Progress SPAIN will help them to train their skills, and the real effects of their work will give them the confidence needed.
You may be wondering what benefits trainees can get from dealing with company’s social media contents. Especially, if you are considering taking on this challenge in your upcoming traineeship. Well, here you have some! First of all, it can be surprising how systematic you will become once you start the job. There is no time to let followers forget about your work. Then, you may notice becoming more critical - you only need the most important information to pass it on.

Here below you can enjoy some practical examples created by our latest trainees:

Gjovan Prenga from from Bromangymnasiet (Hudiksvall, Sweden) and Toni Kovač from ŠC Srečka Kosovela (Sežana, Slovenia) experiencing their ERASMUS+ Traineeship at Enjoy Mallorca:

enjoy mallorca


Nuša Dekleva from ŠC Srečka Kosovela (Sežana, Slovenia) at Filmhouses:

They are simply "incredible", don't you think?

Do you want to find out what else is valuable regarding this theme? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will help you find an interesting traineeship in which you will be able to experience it all and see for yourself if you like it!


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