Mallorca traineeship experience: such a beautiful adventure!

Hi, my name is Luka Mohorčič , I am a Erasmus+ Trainee from Slovenia and I want to share my experince here in Palma with you.

We got an opportunity at our school to go to traineeship to Mallorca, at first I was a bit in doubts and didn't know how everything will go because of whole COVID situation but Educaton in progress made it possible. And as soon as we got here and got introduced we were really pleased.

I'm really glad despite the whole pandemic situation, that everything went smoothly and that I decied to apply for Erasmus+  Traineeship. Here in Palma the culture is nice and people here are very friendly. The city has a unique architecture and it's size makes it easy to hang out, especially for young students like me coming from a small town of Sežana. The city of Palma its really clean well organized and it's really easy to transport from one place to another because of the public transport. Here we live in Arenal and it's a bit more vacation like city so you really have a balance between a lovely city and a seaside place.

I feel like this is a great opportunity to learn and to practice language but also to get new skills that are gonna help me at the future jobs. For example I improved my Social Media skills and I am better at wrtiting articles in English. Among these amazing activities, I also had the opportunity to shoot and edit some video-material for  promotional purposes.
By doing a traineeship abroad with Erasmus+ in Palma at Education In Progress, I could improve not only my language skills, but also my Entrepreneurial mindset.

But I am not here alone in Palma, some of my collegues are here with me, also experiencing their ERASMUS+ Traineeship in different companies. Žan Stepanovič, who is working at Casa Planas, was interviewed. He is also happy with his Traineeship and he agrees with me that Palma is a very nice city and local people are very friendly.

Even if we are here because of a traineeship, we also have enough free time to visit interesting places, hanging out and having several new experiences. Two weeks is not a long time, but we will try to experience as much as we can. Al of us are really happy to have chosen Palma de Mallorca as our ERASMUS+ Traneeship destination because it represents the perfect balance between work and vacation feeling. Despite COVID-19 situation, everything here is becoming more accesible, and slowly slowly ERASMUS+ Mobility is taking off again.

From my point of view, I can strongly invite future ERASMUS+ Trainee to choose Palma for sure! This city is a great place, where you can learn, enjoy and explore without limits!




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