EUROPEAN DAY: telling of our stories.

On the 9th of May, we celebrated the “day of Europe'' and the anniversary of the historic "Schuman declaration", the first step to the creation of an united European Union. Every year and in every Member States of the European Union, thousands of people take part in activities and events to celebrate this day and raise awareness regarding the EU and new European projects.

This year, due to the actual covid-19 pandemic, the situation had to be adapted and virtual meetings organized. Education InProgess also took part of the celebrations… 
In partnership with our Slovenian partner "Srečko Kosovel Sežana" represented by Maja Prešeren, we organized a videoconference and had the amazing opportunity to share our experiences on our Erasmus+ Traineeships. Despite the covid situation, the youngsters were indeed able to travel and made or are currently making a traineeship abroad, thanks to Education InProgress. It shows the great opportunity that Erasmus mobility represents. Despite the pandemic and the numerous bureaucratic procedures, they have managed to leave and to organize their mobility. As an example, our polish trainee Lena who just came home after her traineeship in Palma explained to her fellow students that everything went very well. She was able to discover the city, a new work environment, and is already thinking about leaving for another traineeship abroad experience. 

Furthermore, we, as trainees of Education in Progress wanted to give voice to our experiences here in Palma, precisely to encourage aspiring trainees to have an experience like this. Sarah took the floor and explained that, despite the pandemic, she is completely enjoying her traineeship experience in Palma and confirmed that it was an excellent choice to leave France for this international environment. Indeed Palma is a city full of opportunities and experiences to do, places to visit, flavors to savor. 

Then, Federica confirmed that this mobility has truly exceeded all expectations. For her, it is her first experience away from home, and she feels that she is really improving boh her communication, relational skills and foreign languages. 

This conference was a real moment of sharing between European students. We know well that every year a large number of young people try and start an Erasmus traineeship, but still many ignore the great opportunity that Erasmus represents. We believe that sharing our experiences is the best way to involve students in this experience, to answer their doubts, and to clarify topics. 

Did I intrigue you at least a little? Join us!


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