Summer loading & Mobility increasing despite COVID-19.

COVID-19 has really impacted our lives all over the world and the tourism sector is the most affected one. In Spain, hotels are forced to limit their activities and Erasmus+ trainees in the tourism field are suffering this lack of opportunity.

 Just few tourism realities are allowed to host trainees and making a very detailed research, Education In Progress SPAIN was capable of finding a solution to face this difficult situation. However, a small group of students from Sweden, Gjovan Prenga, Sofia Erdström and Marita Berzina, arrived in Mallorca to experience their Erasmus+ Traineeship abroad.
We want to share with you their experience. “Despite the global pandemic, we really wanted to try something new in a new country and. Luckily, we got help by Education inProgress to find a traineeship in Palma de Mallorca and everything went well regardless of the COVID-19 situation.” All of them declare.

Gjovan, working in a vacation real estate agency, said to us “We left Sweden later than I expected, but it was worth it because I really like my new job. I wanted to work in this sector for a long time, but I never got the chance. It is known that in Mallorca there is less job to do on low season, that is more true now because of the COVID. In any case, I feel really very lucky to have several tasks in my office at the moment and I am excited for the coming summer months when things will be better for sure.»

As for Marita, a travel lover, she is experiencing her Traineeship in an Excursions Agency. She was really enthusiastic to come to Palma to learn about a new country and culture. Despite the fact that she is used to working in hotels as a tourism student, she finds her traineeship opportunity really interesting « This job works with a lot of activities and I love it because I have trained a lot in all kinds of sports before ».

Sofia already had experience in running hotels and she is reinforcing her skills & knowledge on this sector abroad.

Doing a traineeship abroad is for sure an amazing cultural experience, but also a unique  opportunity to empower professional and personal aspects for young people. Indeed, Marita and Sofia are gaining a lot of confidence and autonomy. All of them, including Gjovan, declare that they are starting to get better in languages, like Spanish and English. Gjovan also believes that he will definitely gain skills from this one year traineeship experience.

The city itself is also very attractive and highly appreciated by our students: « Palma is young people-friendly size, not too small nor too big, and most locals are kind and happy to help», said Sofia. According to Marita and Gjovan, the most enjoyable part of the island is the fact that it is very close to the sea, beautiful viewpoints and, of course, has amazing weather…

The COVID-19 pandemic had obviously triggered some issues for Erasmus mobility. However, doing a traineeship in Palma de Mallorca remains a very positive and empowering experience that youngsters are willing to try. Gjovan, Marita and Sofia definitely recommend students to try a new life- and work-perspectives in Palma.

Many experiences, emotions and adventures are simply waiting for you!




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